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Who can register?

Në programin tonë mund të regjistrohen të gjithë infermierët e përgjithshëm ose të pediatrisë që plotësojnë kushtet e mëposhtme.

Have finished successfully or are about to finish medical high school.

Have successfully completed or are about to complete a Bachelor’s degree in nursing.

Have a nursing license or are currently completing their internship for licensing after secondary school or Bachelor’s studies.

Mund te regjistrohen edhe të gjithë ”Mekanikët, Elektriçistët, Shofer Kamioni, IT, Edukator, dhe Specialistë Kondicioneri që duan të punësohen në Gjermani.

Elementary level A1 - A2

We offer special elementary level A1-A2 courses. These two courses aim to develop students’ language skills and competencies, in order to deal with the demands of their interviews with employers.

Choosing a work place

After the candidates have successfully completed A1 + A2 German language level, they will be able to select an employer in over 2.000 locations in Germany, after completing these steps:

Preparing a CV

Training for the Job Interview

Receiving Interview Support

Obtaining a Work Contract

The recognition of documents

After the candidates have successfully completed their B1 German language level lessons, their documents will be sent to Germany for recognition. At this point, the candidate MUST HAVE the following:

A Secondary School Graduation Diploma or Bachelor’s Degree

Nursing License

The B1 Telc Certificate (Goethe or OSD acceptable)

A Work Contract with one of our employers

B1 – B2 + Professional language for nurses

The aims of these courses are to develop the competencies of the candidates to speak fluently, to communicate efficiently in social and professional situations also to express opinions and statements.
In these courses, the candidates will be fully prepared for all aspects and contents of Telc exams.
The candidates who succeeded in the exams get the telc certificate, which is the precondition to applying for the recognition of diploma nurse in Germany.

Preparation for professional Exam – Modul 5

Adaptive preparation for the theoretical and practical part of the professional exam for nurses in Germany.

Professional Exam for Nurses in Germany

The candidates who succeeded in the professional exam (Fachkenntnisprüfung) will have the opportunity to work as nurses in Germany with equal rights and privileges with their German colleagues.

Start working in Germany

This is the last milestone of the project for our candidates. After they have finished successfully the language and practical training, as well as every administrative process, the candidates will get the working visa to Germany and the plane ticket.
All you need now is:

A happy face

Positive energy

To have fun

And good luck!

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DEKRA Akademie in Kosovo was officially established in 2019 and has opened its doors for licensed nurses who want to work in Germany. We are proud of our candidates’ success in clinics all over Germany.

DEKRA Akademie is one of the largest vocational training companies in Germany.


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Your Journey

By watching this video, you will get an overview of who can register, how to register, how DEKRA Akademie helps you during this process, and what you gain from this programme.